Important Tips for Preventing Diesel Engine Breakdown

If you’re the owner of a diesel vehicle, you likely know by now that you can’t simply take it to any standard auto shop for repairs. Diesel vehicles require attention from a specific diesel auto repair shop, the kind with detailed knowledge on the varying components and issues that may arise in such vehicles compared to other engine types.

At RUSH Diesel & Automotive, we’re here to help. We offer a huge range of specialized diesel repair services, ranging from basic oil changes to full system overhauls depending on your needs. We assist diesel owners with a variety of needs, including prevention of costly issues like an engine breakdown – here are some general tips our team can offer on avoiding the risks of such a breakdown throughout the life of your vehicle.

preventing diesel engine breakdown

Pay Attention

For starters, simply pay attention to the details with your diesel vehicle. This starts the moment you enter a dealership or consider buying a used diesel vehicle – keep an eye out for any unscrupulous behavior from a dealer or private seller, ensuring you get great value on your purchase.

From here, keep an eye and an ear out on a regular basis. You’ll soon learn how your vehicle operates normally, meaning you can spot the signs of any unusual events that might signal engine issues. If you hear strange noises, notice unusual smells or see leaks of oil or other liquids, contact our team right away to get to the bottom of the issue.

New Vehicle Concerns

A couple basic areas to keep an eye on when it comes to purchasing a new diesel vehicle:

  • Manufacturer issues: If you discover a major issue soon after your purchase, be sure to contact the manufacturer to see if there have been any recalls. Even if not, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or repairs at the manufacturer’s cost.
  • Lifetime parts: If sellers claim diesel parts will last a lifetime, we’ll put it simply: They are lying. There are no such things as parts that last forever, even in quality diesel vehicles.

Engine Flush

Certain unscrupulous diesel mechanics may attempt to convince you that engine flush is a common procedure, one that has to be done regularly. In reality, it’s an expensive service that only really needs to be done in certain cases.

Reliable, Trustworthy Diesel Repair Services

The above risks are just part of why you want to ensure you’re in touch with a reliable, trustworthy diesel repair shop like ours. We’ll help you with everything from sourcing the proper replacement parts to diagnosing any issues that arise, all with transparent pricing and service guarantees.

For more on avoiding the risks of a diesel engine breakdown, or to learn about any of our diesel or general auto repair services, speak to the staff at RUSH Diesel & Automotive today.