Important Tips for Preventing Diesel Engine Breakdown


preventing diesel engine breakdown If you’re the owner of a diesel vehicle, you likely know by now that you can’t simply take it to any standard auto shop for repairs. Diesel vehicles require attention from a specific diesel auto repair shop, the kind with detailed knowledge on th ...

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The Relationship Between Temperature and Vehicle Tires


relationship temperature vehicle tires As the weather in Utah turns cold for the upcoming winter, vehicle owners are considering a few important areas to keep an eye on. At or near the top of this list for virtually all drivers: Tires, which are vital in a state like this where snow, ice ...

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What Vehicle Odors Are Trying to Tell You


vehicle odors tell you Depending on the nature of the issue, problems with a given vehicle can show signs in a few different manners. Some of the most common include decreased performance, breakdowns and smoke coming from the engine, but there are also several others, from ...

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An Automotive Repair Pro’s Tire Tips for Winter


Tire shop near Salt Lake City An important part of making sure that your car is ready for Utah’s wintry weather is taking care of tire replacement and maintenance. Cold temperatures and icy road conditions can be challenging for your tires and potentially put you at risk for ac ...

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Diesel Performance Upgrades to Bump Up Your Horsepower


Diesel engine repair Salt Lake City If you want more horsepower from your diesel, performance upgrades can help give you the power boost you’re after. In Salt Lake City and throughout northern Utah, diesel trucks are a popular vehicle choice. They stand up to the rigors of our weathe ...

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