For vehicle owners in and around the Salt Lake City, Utah area, RUSH Diesel & Automotive provides advanced automotive services including dyno and specialty tuning.

Our specialty tuning services are tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Whether you have a need for speed, efficiency or both, we have the experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results.

Whatever make and model vehicle you drive, you deserve to have the best possible experience whenever you get behind the wheel. Trust your vehicle to our team of automotive service and upgrade experts for the results you deserve.


MD-250 Series Mustang Dynamometer

Specialty Tuning for Performance

The most common reason for seeking out specialty tuning services is to maximize the performance of your vehicle.

This means setting up your electronic engine management systems in the way that delivers the results you want, whether that’s on-track on off. Depending on your car, truck or SUV, we may be able to perform ECU upgrades and reprogramming, install aftermarket components to add power, improve fuel delivery, make chassis modifications, improve intake and exhaust and more.

We deliver results based on the extensive data derived from our advanced diagnostic systems, allowing us to establish baseline performance standards and improve on those until we get you where you want to be.

Specialty Tuning for Efficiency

Many of our customers come to us in frustration because they have unaddressed problems with their vehicle’s performance. Today’s motor vehicle systems are highly complex and diverse, based on advanced, proprietary manufacturer’s technology. Although your neighborhood mechanic may have been able to take care of your past automotive tuning needs, today’s vehicles require the services of specialty tuning experts – like those at RUSH Diesel & Automotive.

Getting the best possible gas mileage is important to many vehicle owners today, as the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel continues to climb. Tuning your car for maximum efficiency not only saves you money but it is critical for the environment as well. The more efficient your engine’s performance, the better the outcomes for everyone.

It’s important to note that specialty tuning for efficient operation doesn’t have to minimize your enjoyment behind the wheel. In fact, when you trust the RUSH team to provide these services, you can count on getting the best of both worlds.

Get the Most from Your Vehicle with RUSH Diesel & Automotive

At RUSH Diesel & Automotive, we are hands-on with our specialty tune-up services. We have extensive training, knowledge and experience, and we put our eyes, ears, noses and hands to work for you.

Don’t trust your vehicle to just anyone – trust the team of experts at RUSH. We have worked tirelessly throughout the years to earn our reputation for excellence. Our master technicians are ASE certified, so you can always rely on getting the outstanding results we are known for.

Whatever your diagnostic, specialty tuning or performance upgrade needs might be, contact us today to get the results you’re looking for.