Automotive diagnostics from RUSH Diesel & Automotive saves you time and money and keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

Our advanced diagnostic technology allows us to troubleshoot your vehicle’s problems quickly and accurately and eliminates the guesswork that was once the standard in the auto repair industry.

Whether your “check engine” light is on or you’ve noticed your car isn’t quite running the way it should be, trust our RUSH Diesel & Automotive team to conduct effective car diagnostics in Salt Lake City, Utah and get to the source of the problem, quickly and accurately.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology in Salt Lake City, Utah

Although you may not realize it, your vehicle is full of high-tech electronic components. In fact, today’s vehicles are controlled almost exclusively by some sort of electronics.

That annoying “check engine” light on your dash display could be lit for more than one hundred different reasons. Without our advanced equipment, getting to the source of the problem would be difficult, if not impossible.

Our experienced mechanics will use our suite of diagnostic equipment to interface with your vehicle’s on-board computer system, allowing them to identify the problem and get to work on the repair.

automotive diagnostics mechanic performing troubleshooting tests

Automotive Diagnostic Services Save Money

Our automotive diagnostic services help individual vehicle owners and fleet managers save money and avoid unexpected downtime.

Your vehicle’s on-board controls can anticipate most impending problems, giving you ample warning that repairs will be needed. Once you’re aware of the issues, you can schedule the work at your convenience, rather than get stranded by the side of the road.

And, when you proactively maintain your vehicle in this way, you can avoid the costly collateral damage that often occurs when a part fails under power.

Troubleshooting Performance & Safety Issues with Automotive Diagnostics

If your vehicle has developed issues you can’t quite put your finger on – perhaps your gas mileage has begun to slip, or the car’s acceleration isn’t quite what it used to be – our experienced mechanics can diagnose the source of the problem.

In many cases, repairs aren’t necessary to resolve these issues; we may be able to make minor adjustments to the vehicle’s settings.

Our automotive diagnostics are a highly effective way to ensure the ongoing safety of your vehicle. We can analyze safety systems such as airbags, seatbelts and the braking system to ensure everything is working the way it should be.

This service is invaluable for making sure your family’s vehicles are safe and for evaluating a potential used car purchase.

RUSH Diesel & Automotive is northern Utah’s go-to choice for affordable automotive troubleshooting, repair and dyno performance tuning in Salt Lake City. In fact, we invite you to bring us your quote from another auto mechanic, because we’re pretty sure we can beat it. In Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding communities, trust the RUSH team for all of your automotive diagnostic and repair needs.