RUSH Diesel & Automotive is the local dyno tuning expert, helping you get the maximum possible speed and performance from your car, truck or sport utility vehicle.

We offer dyno performance tuning for both gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles of all types. Our highly trained and experienced technicians use state-of-the-art technology for engine diagnostic and specialty tuning services.

Whether you have noticed a drop in performance or you simply want to enjoy all your vehicle has to offer, trust the RUSH team to help you keep your car in top condition.


MD-250 Series Mustang Dynamometer

Performance Diagnostics

Customers trust us to identify potential engine performance challenges. You might be using more fuel than you believe you should, or you might not be satisfied with acceleration or when scaling an incline. You might have developed a problem with the engine pinging, missing or not starting properly. Or, maybe, you simply wonder whether your vehicle’s engine might not be set up for maximum efficiency.

Whatever the issue might be – if indeed any discrepancies exist – the RUSH dyno performance diagnostics will tell the tale.

Our experienced tuning technician perform an exhaustive analysis using a dynamometer specifically designed for your vehicle. During this process, the tuner monitors conditions such as torque, RPMs and horsepower. Not even the most elusive or spotty issues will get past our expert techs.

Upon completion of the dyno test run(s), we evaluate the data carefully to identify the best approach and next steps.

Stock Dyno Tuning

Depending on your goals, we can typically provide significant results by tuning your vehicle’s stock electronic control unit (ECU) to the appropriate standards.

Unlike traditional mechanical tune-ups, dyno tuning ensures that your engine is getting the precise ratio of fuel to air flow for starting and running under a variety of conditions.

We also have the option of making adjustments within the ECU programming to maximize performance based on your preferences. This could involve improvements to your car’s gas mileage to improve efficiency or to max out your potential horsepower capacity.

If you want to take your specialty tuning services even further, however, we can recommend potential upgrades for even more dramatic results.

Specialty Dyno Tuning

Our specialty dyno tune services can also set the stage for upgrading your vehicle to meet your objectives.

After obtaining data from the dynamometer test runs, we may have options for reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU and making modifications or upgrades to the fuel system, exhaust, gear ratios, suspension and more.

Our technicians put the full complement of their experience into these services, blending art and science to finesse your car’s performance. With the ability to retest and modify accordingly, we can ensure you get the results you seek.

As Salt Lake City’s premier automotive repair and upgrade specialist, RUSH Diesel & Automotive can assist you with your every vehicle service need. In addition to automotive diagnostics, we provide expert auto and diesel repair – including European car repair, tires and lift kits.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your Utah dyno tuning appointment now.